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We are a Miami-based video production company dedicated
to creating stories that connect and inspire.


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Loaded with exclusive and beautiful features, Salient allows you to build a website that will have your visitors drooling from the moment they enter.

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Why you should work with us

Video has become the number one tool to spread your message. We learn about your business, we learn about your costumers, we create the best video to connect both and then we help you spread your message. 

BLU Store Doral

BLU Store Doral | Web Commercial

Hairmax Ultima 9

Hairmax Ultima 9 | Product Presentation

Telefonos CAT SERIE S

CAT Serie S | Web/TV Comercial

Biodify by Better Air

Biodify | Web/TV Commercial

Hairatin Hair Building Fibers

Hairatin: Hair Building Fibers | Web/TV Commercial

Vivo 8 by BLU Bold Like Us

Vivo 8 by BLU | Product presentation