There is Always a Reason…

I think I always new art was my thing. The part that maybe I did not understand before was the medium to expresses it and feel fulfieled about it. I am writing this and trying to be as real as I can be. Becoming a filmmaker and now the Creative Director of One District Media did not happen by chance. However, a lot of things did happened to get me here, to this point: where I know exactly what is it that I love to do, I do it and make people happy with it. During my soul searching process for a career I went trough acting and singing while working in marketing. This two art forms thought and gave me a ton of tools that I didn’t realized I had until one day after two years of ‘fun’ video editing I wrote, directed, produced and shot my first film: Regresi√≥n.

It was three days of non-stop shooting¬†during christmas. The only time my actors and I had to make it happen before my main guy would move to New York. A hectic experience! On the last day we finished at 4 a.m. and I remember closing the door after saying goodbye to everybody and having this internal happiness. I realized I found my ‘Personal Legend’ like Coelho would say.

At the time I was working for an agency doing digital media planning and also producing their corporate videos. Six months later I left and decided to take a leap of faith and create a company to produce, direct and market films. A business model that we have used to also help other types of projects. When we started, 3:6 Hasta el Amanecer came along and I have never stopped working ever since.

It is amazing how loving what you do really makes a difference in your life!