The time to think and define the strategy behind the project. To analyze its target audience and message. The brainstorming phase where we understand every single variable at hand in order to conceptualize the vision of the video.  Basically, a lot of listening and planning.


Time to say ‘action’. Actually, is the time to put into action everything we planned during pre-production. Now, our team is ready to start shooting, either on-location or in a studio, all the footage we need to create the final project. Get ready for a lot of work and a lot of fun.


Last but not least, this is when we sit down for hours and cut all the material we gathered throughout the production to create the story we imagined at the beginning. Art and technicalities meet during this time. A lot of chopping, audio mixing, color correction, special effects and screen time: a new video is born.


Basically, we reverse engineer the message from the client to your business in order to define the right communication channels the video requires.

Video Marketing

We design with you a media plan for your video in order to reach your clients. This helps you distribute your message and put it in front of those who value it and are willing to buy the product or service you sell.


Our team also includes professional photographers who complement our work when our clients require it. From documentary pictures to corporate headshots, we can create beautiful imagery out of our production experience.